World’s Only Biracial Twins are 18 Now and Look Completely Different

Donna and Vince Aylmer were happily, if a bit nervously, looking forward to the birth of their fourth child and Donna was undergoing an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy when she was told the unexpected news. Donna was pregnant with twins. Twin girls. When the girls were delivered, the couple was shocked when they discovered that each of the twins had a completely different skin tone. They may have looked dissimilar at birth, but the way they look now as college freshmen is truly amazing.

The date of the birth of Maria and Lucy Aylmer was January 16, 1997. The twins were born in Gloucester England. The girls’ parents were married at the time of their birth but unfortunately subsequently divorced and co-parented the twins as best as they were able. Donna Aylmer returned to her maiden name of Donna Douglas. Each parent came from a different ethnic background, which helps to explain the varying skin colors of their twin offspring.