We May See Direct Flights From Tel Aviv to Mumbai

One of the most popular travel destinations for Israelis is India. It has been a decades old tradition for citizens to finish their army service and head to India. Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, these are all very popular destinations. Sadly, throughout the years there has been no direct flight from Israel to India. It looks like things are about to change as India is looking into flight direct from Tel Aviv to Mumbai.

Since 2013, Air India has expanded their reach to 14 new international destinations. Just recently they got the right to fly direct to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. Tel Aviv can very well be next.

According to officials at Air India, a direct flight could have already been a reality, but the current available route is simply too long. What couple easily be a five and half hour flight would be over of been over 9 hours. It would be more trouble than it’s worth for all parties involved. In order to get a direct route, they’d have to get permission to fly over countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE. If that doesn’t work, they will look into other options.

During a visit to Israel, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said that direct flight between Mumbai, Delhi and Tel Aviv would do wonders in encouraging contact between the two peoples. It’d also be another country to cross off Air India’s list of countries that they do business with.

At this moment, Air India flies to over 44 international locations and over 75 local ones. Israel would be great to add to this list. Some of the other notable cities they take flight to are Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Seoul, Colombo, Kabul, Stockholm and Madrid.