Trump Holds Meeting With 50 Major Business Leaders

In terms of business things have been slow for awhile, though that may be about to change. It was announced by the Trump administration, that the President has planned to hold a town hall meeting with fifty of the nation’s major business leaders. With that we can expect some major improvements to the business climate.

The town hall meeting is set to last forty five minute to an hour and will touch on a number of topics, including four discussions on infrastructure, development within the workforce, modernizing our government, and the creation of a pro-business climate. Also, they’ll touch upon banking, hedge funds, private equity, and insurance companies.

A shift in our business climate can bring about many changes and likely for the better. Assuming all will go well at the meeting we can see more links between big business names, changes in the ways labor unions treat their employers, and predict where our economy is likely headed.

Since his inauguration back in January, Trump has held a number of meetings with business leaders and chief executives, often pushing to add more US jobs. His primary focus has also been on reducing regulations and promoting economic growth. One of his promises when entering the White House was to use his business wit to raise the American economy and create millions of jobs. This is a step in the right direction.

The meeting will feature the chief executives from big business names such as Mastercard, Citigroup Inc., Blackstone Group LP, JetBlue Airways Corp., Hearst, General Electric, and The New York Stock Exchange. From Washington there willl be Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who is a senior advisor to the President.