She Agreed To Carry Her Best Friend’s Baby, But She Never Expected This To Happen

When you have found your lifelong partner, naturally the next step after marriage usually is to have a baby. Because when you are in love and happy, you want that love to create something special, or in this case, someone special. The same was true for Kevin and Nicole Barattini except that their attempts at getting pregnant failed time after time. After consulting their doctor, the prognosis that they received changed the course of their lives forever. Here is their story of heartache and triumph and the willingness of others to lend a helping hand to a friend in times of need.

No Luck Conceiving

Nicole and Kevin struggled for a long time to conceive a baby of their own. After all, it had always been their dream to have a baby but never thought they would have any difficulties, that is until they tried to conceive. For them, they simply wanted a baby of their own and here is how their journey to conception started…