Possible North Korean Links to Global Cyber Attack

Who was behind the recent global cyber attack? It’s a question that everyone is asking. One trending theory is North Korea. Few have heard of the Lazarus Group, but anyone who has ever tuned into their local news definitely knows of their work. Remember the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures? Can you recall the cyber attack on a Bangladeshi bank in 2016. That was the work of the Lazarus Group. Who exactly are they? Many speculate that the Lazarus group is group of hackers out of China that work on behalf of North Korea.

Google security expert, Neel Mehta has recently found clues that might link the recent attacks to the Lazarus Group. The software used during the recent global attack was called Wannacry. When security experts studied the code and other tools and it was strikingly similar to tools used and created by the Lazarus Group.

Though it isn’t exactly concrete evidence, Mehta’s findings are the closest anyone has come to finding Wannacry’s exact Origin. In order to find out who exactly is behind these attacks we’re going to need more evidence. It’s important at this time that researchers from all over the world look into these attacks. Doing so can guarantee we’ll find the hackers in no time at all.

Though all eyes are on North Korea as the culprit, there are some factors about the attack that point away from them. When you look at the initial attack locations of the United States, Spain, France, the UK and Russia, nothing looks suspicious, yet as the attack spread all over the world it hit huge parts of China and some of Wannacry’s message was written in Chinese. Given the close relations between China and North Korea, it can throw the theory into an array.