Los Angeles County is Pushing For More Small Businesses

In a country that is covered nearly head to toe in big corporations, Los Angeles is looking to put more contracts into the hands of small business owners. They are doing this with the hopes to see a 25% increase in small business around the city. The program responsible for this is led by the Board of Supervisors and is managed by the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. One of the highlights of this deal the assurance that 3% of these contracts will go to businesses ran by disabled veterans.

Overall the mission is to seek out businesses that will affect LA in a positive way socially, economically and environmentally. The question of course is being brought up as to what exactly qualifies a business as small. According to county, it’s a business that has fewer than 100 employees and an annual gross earnings of less than $15 million.

The services that are benefiting from this come in a very wide range. Last year the county gave more than $23 million in contracts to various businesses. $23 million went to a variety of consulting services. While $21 million was given to mental health facilities. Other businesses that benefited from this were cleaning services. Amongst the many other businesses which were contracted were construction companies, environmental services and others that improve the city’s infrastructure.

A business that is certified with the county has major advantages. Firstly, it was will receive bid reductions during the contract evaluation process. The county usually looks at the lowest price when considering bids, so having that reduced will help you big time. Your business will have a healthy advantage over the others.