Israel is Finding Major Success in High-Tech and Asia Wants in

Despite what you may hear about Israel on the daily news, if you go there you’ll likely be bombarded with amazing apps before anything else. Over the past years, Israel’s high-tech sector has been blooming at an irate speed. A couple years ago they slammed down the table, apps like Waze and Moovit. Both were hugely successful trans
portation and navigation apps. More recently, popping out of Israel were appreciated photo editors like Facetune and Enlight. Each make global impacts and each is only a mere glimpse of what the Israeli high-tech industry is doing.

Long past are the days when Kibbutz were turning the desert into an oasis. Today it’s all about turning these green valleys into the next Silicon Valley. To show how amazingly huge this is getting. Intel just struck the biggest deal in Israel high-tech history when they forked over 15.3 billion dollars in on the autonomous driving firm, Mobileye. Don’t jump to the conclusion that they moved the operation to America because they didn’t. They have decided to keep their research there.

No surprise though when you have the facts. There are well over three hundred international firms with a high-tech research centers in the country. You can include big names like HP, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Cisco. That said, Israel is now playing in the major leagues in terms of high-tech. So whereas the interest was coming before nearly solely from the western investors, now China and other asian investors want to get in on Israel.

Yup, Chinese investors have discovered the country’s success and are starting to feel comfortable doing business with them. A lot of people would think back in the old days that America invested in Israel just as a means of showing support, but it’s way beyond that now. It’s simple good business. When it comes to good business many are willing to cast aside political and religious difference. In fact one of Israel’s most alluring factor is its ability to work with so many different countries from all over the world.