India May Dish Out $308 Million for Weather Forecast Improvements.

One of the biggest problems in India is the rain and it seems to be falling down harder as the years go by. In August Mumbai, India’s financial capital was hit with a rainfall so hard that over a dozen people were killed. That was just the icing on top of the cake. This rainfall managed to halter stock and bond trading and completely shut down their train system that moved 8 million people daily around the big city. Road were completely flooded and people were seen wading through water thick with city’s sewage.

On Monday the secretary of the ministry, M. Rajeevan brought to light a plan that will tame India’s merciless rainfall. “Urban cities are a serious problem, so we are starting an urban meteorology program,”

This program is anything but cheap. In fact if one isn’t willing to slam some big bucks on the table, the whole project could come in vain. Thankfully, India is well aware of this. The Ministry of Earth Sciences has asked the Indian government for 20 billion rupees (Roughly $308 million) with the next five years. This money will go towards better radars, supercomputers and observatories.

These tools will help the country forecast when future rain will hit. It will make the forecast more predictable and accurate. The rain means a lot of India. The country is one of the biggest rice producers in the world. For millions of villagers that rain makes the world go round. Knowing when the rain is going to hit will help farms as well as prep the city for what could end up being a watery tragedy.

Although nothing is eset in stone yet, we sure hope the Indian government gets with this program. Although the sum is heft and can appear intimidating at the start, India will only gain with this investment.