Global Investors Shaking Amongst Many Disasters

Investors are all sitting at the edge of their seat right now as threats to their investments seem to be flowing in from every direction they could look. Whether it be the nuclear crisis in North Korea, Hurricane Irma who is on the rise or the Central European Banks, times are definitely looking hard. Investors aren’t exactly hiding their nervous state either.

With Hurricane Irma expected to hit the US within the next couple of days, investors are shaking over what they can lose. Harvey proved to be quite hit for them and they just aren’t ready to take another disaster. Later today we can expect to hear from a Non-Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index reading. Certainly tomorrow will be an interesting day when we get to see the fate of the investors.

The US dollar is falling short when compared to the Yen which has again rose. Despite that, Japan’s average cash earnings has dwindled and Australia is following close behind on the falling path. A lot of this has to do with political concerns surrounding North Korea. There recent nuclear test has investors pulling out of many businesses for fears of the worse. Out of all this, the USD is suffering the most.

Another event that has a clutch on the minds of investors are tomorrow European Central Bank meetings. It’s a meeting that will no doubt impact the euro. Even that doesn’t look too promising as both the UK and EU presented low quality Services PMI data this past Tuesday. Plus there is still tension surrounding Brexit. As Theresa May is coming under more and more scrutiny.