G4S under Fire For Abuse

G4S. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s very likely you’ve attended an event where they were present, have brushed shoulders with them or have been protected by them. They are one of the world’s most outsourced security agencies and they all started in a place called the United Kingdom where they have recently been at the center of a huge scandal that is sure to be a mark on their reputation.

It all started when a BBC Documentary exposed an underworld of a abuse within the program. This was just the icing on a big abusive cake though. Earlier this year abuse was uncovered at the Medway Secure Training Centre. A facility ran by G4S with the mission to train new guard. The investigation turned on the lights to a slew of youngster who were being abused during the training.

After that was exposed, the centers administration was switched from the G4S normals to the government’s National Offender Management Services.

That isn’t all though. G4S was at one point contracted by the British Government to run the Brook House. With their worldwide reputation, G4S seemed like the perfect guys for the job. Unfortunately the government would regret this decision. That is where a good amount of the abuse took place and ten of their workers were suspended and then sacked on the account what the documentary caught them doing.

Ben Saunders the head of the unit that has been caught doing the bully of abuse has resigned right when things were getting heated. It has since been stated that he will be temporarily replaced with Lee Hanford while they look for a permanent replacement. Although the problem of abuse won’t be fully eradicated probably ever, the company can become more strict on their employees and start for a change.