Dubai Golf Courses are Embracing Solar Energy

Where there is money, there is golf. That said, naturally the sport would find its way to Dubai. It’s actually been there for years, but this year things will change on the golf courses around the bustling city. This year they are taking things to the next level. The days of electricity on Dubai courses have come to an end. A Dh31.6 million deal has just been signed between Dubai Golf and Etihad Energy Services Company.

This is all done in an attempt to save energy and Esco has promised to deliver for the next eight years. Doing this will be totally cost effective for them. In an interview with The National, Christopher May, the chief executive of Dubai Golf stated, “Solar panels will be installed on the roof of our golf cart storage facility at Emirates Golf Club, our golf course maintenance facility at both Emirates and Dubai Creek clubs as well as the roof of the Dubai Golf Residence where the majority of our colleagues are accommodated,”

Esco has stated that they will cut Dubai Golf’s energy consumption by 27%. They’ll be doing this by cutting cost by making the air conditioning, heating and ventilation a whole lot less energy intensive. On top of that they’ll be cutting down carbon emissions by 3,700 tonnes per year.

The recent quote by Etihad Esco’s chief executive, Ali Al Jassim captures the importance of such a deal. “By signing the latest agreement, we are marking another milestone as this is Etihad Esco’s first energy performance contract (EPC) in leisure and hospitality industry,”

In the past ten years, solar energy has really taken off across the world. It’s not only helpful for the environment, but also great in terms of cutting that electric bill.