Concerns of Cyber Attacks Surround England's Self-Driving Lorry Test

One of the most groundbreaking inventions that will be huge in the years to come is no doubt the self-driving car. The UK has already an array of self-driving lorries which are prepped and ready for trail runs on the motorway. One thing that has been kind of a voice of concern is the ability to hack into to the cars system. In fact they have been warned of possible cyber-attacks on these lorries.

The government stated that the use of the self-driving car can put citizens in danger if faced with any kind of cyber attack.

The lorries although will be steered by the driving will be in full control of the speed and braking. You can see how this could possibly end up bad for any of the people inside the car. Although the Department of Transportation says that the lorries will reduce traffic jams and prevent a number of accidents from taking place on the highway.

A number of concerns and risk were brought up when it came to the new self-driving lorries. Amongst these were drivers losing concentration due to being less engaged with the vehicle. They also have some worries concerning weather. Despite these the Lorry will be tried out on main roads as early as next year. Prepare yourselves.

There is no doubt that these new self-driving cars will come with their share of conveniences. The convoy will certainly push air out of the way and make the driving experience more efficient for the driver and the fellow passengers. Despite how groundbreak this new car can be, the president of AA, Edmund King says that the safety of the driver will have to come before anything else. If that means pushing the release date a few years back, that is exactly what he’ll do.