China Lifts Ban on Cheese

Back in September, China decided to put up a ban on a number of cheeses, mostly one that had a strain bacteria that wasn’t approved by China. This ban saw favorites like Roquefort, Danish Blue, Stilton and Gorgonzola waving goodbye to the far east. Many cheese lovers in China were absolutely shattered by this news, yet a meeting with the European Union reversed the ban and the brands were welcomed back.

China called for all imports of the banned cheeses to start pouring back into their country this instance. Despite the welcome back, Chinese officials are still iffy about the cheese. To further bring them into the light, the French Embassy and EU delegations will organise a technical course between Chinese and European experts to bring to date standards and prevent further bans.

The co-founder of Cheese Republic, Vincent Marion was one of the individuals who was extremely fulfilled by then news and he expressed it in this statement. “”We are very happy about the decision. I think it’s a way for China to show they’re really open-minded to selling foreign products and especially cheese,”

Cheese Republic is an online delivery service that is based in Shanghai. The business was massively affected by the ban. Over half their products had to be torn off the shelves.

This comeback will see cheese sale crash through the roof. We’re talking a 23% rise when compared to last year. This can also be due to the recent popularity of foods like pizza and other cheese based recipes.