Cathay Pacific Cancels Dozens of Hong Kong Flights as Typhoon Approaches

In the past week, the great city of Hong Kong was rocked by two major typhoons. As of today the city is bracing itself for a third this coming Sunday. As a result of these natural terrors, flagship carrier Cathay Pacific has cancelled twenty fights that were supposed to come in and take off from Hong Kong. Flights that are included on this list are from places like Singapore.

Along with the flights from Singapore were also flights from Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Taipei and Kaohsiung. Aside from these cancellations, the airport in Hong Kong is running normally, but are being watched very closely for any problems.

The madness will start in Guangdong, a Typhoon Mawar will first settle there before taking over Hong Kong by noon. The typhoon signal No. 1 was hoisted on Saturday at about 1pm as the Typhoon was about 320km from Hong Kong.

The Typhoons in the past week have caused major flooding throughout the city, cancelled a number of flights and caused quite ruckus in Hong Kong’s neighbor, Macau. At least ten people in Macau were killed by the typhoons last week.Typhoon Hato that hit last week was one of the most strongest typhoons on record. Following Hato was the Tropical Storm Pakhar which caused 300 planes to be cancelled and more mass flooding.

Although this may seem very frightening for the people of Hong Kong, this is actually quite normal as they and their surrounding regions are struck often with typhoons between July and October. There most powerful Typhoon came in 1962. It saw 130 people dead and about 72,000 left without homes.