After Turning Down Prom Invite, Tim Tebow Does Something Amazing

Picture the following scenario. You have a popular late-night show with host Jimmy Fallon. You have a live audience who wants to be entertained. You invite a big name sports athlete and ask a difficult question, with no scripts or canned responses.

What will Tim Tebow, former NFL and current Mets player do?

The next move of the superstar will stun you!

After turning down prom invite, Tim Tebow does something amazing. You really wouldn’t believe it until you have read it completely. Right near the end you’ll come to understand why the former NFL star did it and how his response gained the favor of the whole world.

A Pivotal Moment

Tim Tebow thought it was just a normal appearance when he got invited to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But then the show host put the sports athlete in a tight spot with a question. How will Tim Tebow respond, escape and win the crowd over with just one sentence? You’d be surprised how Tim handled the event with style. It’s a night to remember!