27 Members of the 27 Club




Anyone who knows even an inkling about rock music knows or has at least has heard of the 27 Club. What’s the 27 Club? It’s a club consisting of rock stars who all died at the age of twenty seven. It was a death that came way too early in these young rocker’s careers. A lot of these club members gave so much to music before their untimely passion. If you don’t know who we’re talking about, you will after this article.


Chris Bell of Big Star

It was 1978 when Big Star founder Chris Bell became a member of the 27 Club. Unlike our former entry, Bell didn’t die at the hands of drugs, he died by the hand of some reckless driving. He lost control of his fancy sports car during a late night drive from a friends Memphis restaurant and smashed into a street lamp. He died instantly upon impact putting his life and his music career to an end.

Chris Bell of Big Star